Miguel Barbeira - Drums | Ana Clérigo - Violin | Ana Batista - Vocals | Narciso Monteiro - Guitars, synths | João Amorim -Bass | Jesus Anjos - Keyboards


Born in the fall of 2012, Heylel are a progressive rock band from Porto, Portugal.
The band combines influences ranging from classic to hard and even symphonic rock, with a very personal touch. The outcome is a dark, atmospheric and involving sound, gracefully combined with the beautiful voice of Ana Batista.

In 2014 the band released its debut album "Nebulae" and caught the attention of international progressive and rock press:

"...Heylel made a very strong debut album of an international level..."
Background Magazine

"...Mind you, this is but a debut album. If Heylel develops along the lines of this album, their future might be very bright. I for one look forward to that..."
Dutch Progressive Rock Page

Known for crossing genres and creating haunting but also hopeful songs, Heylel remain trustful to their musical priority - delivering songs that the listener can connect with.

"..Dark, haunting, and brooding overall, the album surprisingly blooms into a beautiful piece of art..."
Lithium Magazine

In September 2015 their second effort "Flesh" established the band in the international alternative rock scene, having been featured in the February/2016 edition of Prog Magazine.

The band returned in Spring 2017 with "Shades of Time", the first album to feature the six piece lineup.

It's an album full of surprises, featuring well known guests from the international prog scene : Ky Fifer (Philhelmon (USA)), Kristoffer Gildenlow (ex Pain of Salvation (SE)), Erik Laan (Silhouette (NL)) and the portuguese singer Francisca Ribeiro (Malaboos).

The band is currently performing several showcases to promote "Shades of Time" and also in the studio writing new material.